Fire Safety Compliance Australia

AFSS (NSW) - priced from $250

AESMR (VIC) - priced from $160

QLD SMOKE DETECTORS - priced from $135

What we offer

Fire safety equipment

Every business will have different fire safety requirements depending on the nature of the business and the class of fire that is most likely to occur. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a free consultation to determine your fire safety needs.


Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations it is a legal requirement that every building in NSW and VIC must provide an annual statement/report certifying all fire-safety measures work properly and comply with relevant standards, monetary penalties apply for non-compliance.

Occupation certificates

We will issue occupation certificates following any building upgrades or new installation certifying that the buildings new fire equipment complies with the relevant standards of performance as stated in the Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia (BCA).

Fire safety training

We offer fire safety training to allow users to become more confident with fire fighting equipment. The quick, most appropriate reaction of employees if there is a fire on the premises, is not only important for their safety but also to the other people and customers on the premises. Being unprepared for fire incidents can lead to serious injury or damage to property.

The Queensland smoke alarm legislation is changing. Are you compliant?

As of January 2022, it will be mandatory for all landlords and property managers to update smoke alarms to new safety standards. FSCA will guide you through the associated government requirements, check smoke detectors at your properties, install missing units and update the old ones. We also offer annual service subscriptions to ensure your smoke alarms remain compliant.


About us

We are servicing over 4000 Clients in and around Sydney, Melbourne & SE Qld

We are a company based in Sydney servicing NEW SOUTH WALES, VICTORIA & QUEENSLAND with quality fire safety initiatives. Our team is here to provide your business with quality installation, inspection, testing and maintenance to meet all your fire safety needs. Each professional technician has the relevant training and expertise to provide your business with the up to date information to ensure all legislative requirements are met. Regular maintenance of fire equipment in Australia is the law. Fire Safety Compliance NSW & VIC ensures that our customers understand the legalities of being fire safety compliant, while helping ensure businesses are fire safe and also avoiding penalties for non-compliance. We supply and install FlameStop fire safety equipment. They are the largest independent fire equipment manufacturer and wholesaler in Australia, providing QUALITY and INNOVATIVE fire fighting products.

Testing & Maintenance

All fire equipment needs to be tagged, tested and maintained to meet the requirements under Australian Standard AS1851.
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Portable Fire Extinguisher

Portable Fire Extinguishers need to be tagged & tested every 6 months. All fire extinguishers need to be replaced every 5 years. AS2444-requires extinguishers to be located approximately every 20m. All extinguishers need to be installed on a wall with correct signage and tags.
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Exit & emergency lights

A 90 minute test is carried out to the Exit & Emergency lights every 6 months. Exit & Emergency lighting illuminates the path outlining exit doors and designated travel ways to get you out of the building safely. Those lights are a battery operated and sometimes fail and need to be replaced.
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Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels need to be tested every six 6 months. Fire Hose Reels are 36m in length and can cover a diameter of approximately 40m from the point of instalment. We can test your fire hose reels.
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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms need to be tested once a year. Every house, home, unit is required to have a suitable number of smoke alarms installed from 1 May, 2006. Smoke alarms should be located on every level of your home. The battery in each smoke alarm should be replaced at least once a year.

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